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Episode Sponsorship

  • Company’s product placement, education, and application in episode.
  • Recommended as an ingredient within the video and text portion of the recipe.
  • A “thank you” to the sponsor at the end of the episode with sponsor’s logo and website link.
  • Sponsor has the rights to use the original video for marketing/sales purposes such as the sponsor’s website, social media, YouTube channel, newsletters, trade shows, etc. See an example of how EcoLunchBox Sponsor used Cooking Guru episodes on their website.
  • Can be a guest on the show.
  • Guru Tip mini-episode: 30-60 seconds about the product. Some examples are – best shopping practices, 3 things to know, health tips, sustainability, other recommended uses for product, etc.


Can sponsor multiple episodes.


Food Guru Social Marketing Campaign

  • Using all forms of social media to engage with Food Guru’s online audience (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube) frequently, consistently, and ongoing.
  • Presently partnered and featured on the Food Channel, Side Chef, Local Dish, ifood.tv, Recipleaser, Tastemade, BlogHer, Curious.com, and continuing to grow.
  • Send out episodes through Food Guru’s monthly B2B/B2C newsletters, and email campaign.
  • Engagement through social media continues long after the Season has been released.
  • Additionally, Cooking Guru host, Farminista’s Feast, promotes all episodes and tips through her social platforms and website.



  • 47%  Male / 53%  Female (YouTube) — 34% of Viewers are 25-34 Years Old


For more information, please contact ariel@food-guru.com.



Past Sponsors

Barbara EVOO Kraut Source LaFaza Vanilla2 Marin French Cheese